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Hiring A Top Web Design Company in Dubai

Businesses across the world are running on online platforms to engage customers to drive high user-engagement with effective web designing features by top web design companies in Dubai. Looking at the prospects of web design and web development, various business sectors are coming to the terms having a website helps to achieve their desired target.

Make Your Website Sail For Impressive Sale

To focus on quality and efficiency for your website, hiring the leading Web Design Company in Dubai can augment your business in the internet world to acquire more online visitors. With trendy website designs that can set your marketing goals to achieve potential leads, we design website that intensifies branding with the help of improvising traffic for your website.

Why choose Dotline Web Media for Website Design?

For every question, we do have a rational reason that clears your doubts and makes you 100% convince to choose the excellent web design services in Dubai at Dotline Web. Key reasons include:

  • Expertise Level: Over 15 years of consistency quality services to the clients.
  • 100% Beneficiary Satisfaction: Prioritizing on unique quality work based on your requirements and our key inputs.
  • Creation of Brand Identity: Inspiring website design can spell a strong boon for your company’s brand exposure in front of targeted audience.
  • Website Designing Features: With customized designs as per your needs, website designing features are integrated to attract more potential clients.
  • Competitive Rates: A right budget is set for you as per your business needs and requirements without compromising on quality.

Choosing from the best Web Design Companies in Dubai has always been a daunting task and it is difficult to short-list the best website design company as per your needs. However, Dotline Web Media has always worked with clients from the day of inception by implementing supported technologies, latest designing tools and using updated software versions for the desired output results for your business.

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Digital Marketing – An Effective Online Marketing Campaign Strategy To Drive Conversions

Digital Marketing

Technology is rapidly transforming into new heights of success, creating a game changer for any size of business or for a non-profit organization. Looking at the technological trends and applications, most of the sectors are adopting various means of platforms to reach out more visitors who are searching from any locations, devices or source (search engines, websites, apps, social media, etc.).

Digital marketing is one such platform that can leverage business to connect users coming across from various digital marketing channels such as search engines, social media, blogs, email, Pay-Per-Click, video, and display advertising.

However, the main prospects of digital marketing is to adapt online strategies and efforts to get widely known through promotional activities, organizing campaigns, search advertising, and effective ads.

Types of Digital Marketing

It can be hard to choose the right set of digital marketing actions to establish your business and maintain a strong foothold of online presence. It can be a paid marketing strategy like in PPC or free marketing to reach out to your prospective audience.

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Successful digital marketing is not a onetime endeavor, but a continuous pursuit. It requires a systematic and intelligent approach to get the desired results by choosing the right digital marketing channels. With a meticulous and diligent approach to reap maximum benefits, business owners can choose any of these digital marketing strategies or may select the entire range of marketing campaign to enhance overall brand awareness, visibility, sales and lead generation. It largely depends on the type of your business category and kind of audience you are targeting.

Today, digital marketing services has become a game changer for every business to create a sense of high visibility. No doubt the competition in every business sector is increasing, but it is also the fact that you need to stay ahead in the race of the competition. With evolving digital marketing tools, trends, and strategies, it is possible to get a high return on investment (ROI) well within your budget.

14 Ways Of Ecommerce Elements That Helps Your Business Productivity


Designing a website is itself is an art and with eCommerce website designs, it requires more creativity and innovation skills in choosing the best designing themes, patterns, styles, and color matches and developing each eCommerce portal without changing its core nature of i.e. to connect the users with the products they are looking to purchase.

Running a Good Website for Selling Products

If you offer a customer a doorway to purchase your tangible products that add to your profit margins, and then you are having a good lucrative website design that steals the show in online store. Having said that, for any business organization should focus on the website that attracts online visitors.

So, eCommerce website should comprise of having a collection of product pages and is designed to give a pivotal role in sharing information about the product available to engage users.

An Online Shopping Window Creation

The online shopping portal is just not limited to feel a presence in the internet world or selling products, but to attract your visitors in pursuing them to purchase from your online store. And to attract your visitors there are effective ways to appeal them through a web page.

An enticing website enables to meet your objectives of achieving goals. A Great User Experience (UX) eCommerce design pages to function easily with relevant information that is designed to take onboard for your customer throughout the buying process.

Attractive websites with perfect color themes, typography, and website layout, large and responsive images help to make your website more appealing.

Optimize the Product Description – Utilize the Advantages of Search Engine

Nothing is more important than to allow your customers to reach you with searchable feature options. Ensure that the product description kept short with relevant product keywords and more importantly to filter with refined search options so that the page ranks well in search engine rankings.

For instance, if your customer searches for ‘branded shoes in dubai’ it will take to branded shoes for men, women, and kids. Suppose if the prospective customers looking for ‘men shoes online’ then this will take them to precise search options.

Make it Simple, yet Attractive & Fast!

Plan a website so that content, images, and structure with added features and applications are placed perfectly and at the same ease of use is the key important aspect of building a shopping portal. Prompting on user experience for easy navigation and functions for the website with filtered categories helps your buyers to search the required information more easily.

Accurate Product Description

You e-commerce portal should encourage visitors to make purchases and visit again! Descriptive Product gives more transparency that covers the specification of the product in detail yet short that covers price tag along with offers, deals, and discounts. It also helps in boosting rankings in search engines. For instance, ‘Mens Formal Shoes Size 11’ is much more SEO-friendlier than ‘Mens Shoes.’

High-resolution multiple photos with attractive navigation themes are crucial that gives a feel of the product to look closer.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

For any business, organization, a Call-To-Action on a product page is essential to drive audience for immediate response. The CTA is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. A well optimized CTA signifies color, texts, and the size, urge readers, listeners, or viewers to take action.

For instance, if you are promoting ‘free coupons,’ ‘deal,’ offering ‘discounts,’ or promoting ‘subscriptions,’ you need to ensure that to which place and location you are triggering sales. Remember that color and text mean different things for different countries.

Make Mobile-Friendly Website

Users can search from anywhere, any source, and from any device. So, making a mobile-friendly website that helps in optimal viewing that adjust to any screen size resolutions, different formats of the contents, images, and interfaces are very placed on different mobile devices. This will enhance readable texts, mobile-friendly navigation, and best scrolling options, touch-friendly buttons, and more search visibility.

Enabling Product Reviews and Ratings

Proliferation of user-generated online reviews is creating a bigger impact and more conversion rate. Customers are more likely to purchase by viewing ‘product reviews and ratings’ where people engage in discussing the product, its specifications, and capabilities. But there are negative feedbacks as well and negative reviews with positive ratings might turn out to be prospects as it brings more trust and genuineness. eCommerce businesses can tackle these negative reviews by adopting in a strategic manner so that the issue gets resolved with the customer.

Social Integration

Leverage your chances of online prospects by spreading your message by connecting to the users. Visual communication connects closer to your customer by asking them to like the page, share the product, and follow your website to get updated notifications. Social media generation is one of the features that gives a great opportunity to place your products or services in front of your targeted audience with user-generated contents, images, and videos that creates more curiosity. Many brands are utilizing social proof to achieve success in marketing campaigns to entice more customers to buy products or services.

Special Offers, Discounts & Deals

People love to spend more time on the website where discounts, special offers, and deals are announced. Adding enticing text like ‘Great Summer Collections,’ ‘Chilling Winter Seasonal Offers,’ ‘Bumper Monsoon Sales,’ etc prompts users to visit your website.

Checkout Process

The biggest anguishing part is losing customers during the checkout process if the customer learns to know the unexpected price as a surprise with hidden costs and expensive delivery charges. It’s important for eCommerce businesses to plan and include delivery shipping information early in the checkout process. Also, posting delivery time and options for faster delivery that lets your customer happy.

Return Policy

Return policies are yet another trusted element of the eCommerce portal that gives a clear message of online selling, refund, exchange, etc.

Payment Gateway

If you are running an eCommerce or Online Shopping Cart, don’t forget to add the merchant service payment gateway integration application. It is an application authorizes a transaction process for eBusiness, online purchases, etc., through a credit or debit card.

eCommerce Softwares

Every business has diversified needs and to fulfill the requirements based on the cost, features, number of products, etc., there are numerous eCommerce softwares that are available to you that matching your needs.

Digitalized brochures and catalogues that have a list of products are accessible to users through the internet in the form of e-brochures and e-catalogues. It will give more information in understanding the purchase through this electronic format.

There are more unlimited features that can be added to your shopping cart portal such as purchase order form, online request form, online invoices, etc. Background video is one its kind where you can frequently update your ad, newly launched and/or upcoming products, seasonal offers, and more in acquiring more visitors for your website.

Top 3 Website Designing Trends 2017

Having a website is the best choice to make your business or organization presence in the digital world that gives accurate information about the products or services, which you are dealing. This will make curious among people and they will certainly visit your page to know more about the brand and history of your operations.

Just….A Few Seconds or A Minute to Impress Your Online Audience

To impress your audience, it takes hardly a few seconds or a minute. And with emerging web design trends are coming up with great innovations, their competition has intensified in each business sector. Looking back 10 years ago, now the website techniques related to overall designing composition completely improvised.

For companies eyeing for online gains requires even more extra effort in making them choose the best website layout that not only creates a strong and convincing designing with a message in it but also to make a lucrative website layout. A well-crafted website with has a feature of visual elements grasp the eyes of your customer. With a unique blend of designing elements, your website draws the attention of your online visitors and captures the everlasting impression.

Make your website differently, yet friendly!

Moving on to the overall aspects of designing a website, the main important criteria to reach for a customer is choosing the layout, secondly selecting the color schemes or patterns and thirdly the fonts.

  1. Website Layout

A good web design creates professionalism and entices more visitors to see your page for getting information, to purchase any products, or to avail the services. Page layout is a part of website design and plays an important part of making your website on a winning node. There are different types of web layout and each has its own purpose and features in making a website more appealing and attractive. Choosing a layout that matches your business criteria creates the best prospects of your needs. We have seen various designs such as split screens, card design layouts, and website built on modular or gird, single screen, and parallax scrolling websites till date and still continue with evolving web designing trends.

  1. Colors

Choosing the color patterns is one of the key factors of designing features in the website that adds more color to your website. Lots of color styles are being used and infused by website designers to make the website more customized by strategically placing a hue of lighter to darker shades from a stack of amazing color pallets. Using black and gray, enhances the main typographic font colors, while using strong and bright colors have become answer to apply for points of interest.

  1. Typography

The use of big and bold fonts creates attention for most of the visitors. Remember that the content on the website needs to be readable as well as entice your audience and lure them to stay for longer duration of time to visit other source of information from your website.  It is not necessary to choose the weight, but rather a quality that signifies the statement on the screen conveying the audience the message you want to share.


It’s just a small bit of information, yet a vital one. But you can do a lot more with your website that marks the creativity edge with current and futuristic website designing trends.

Several companies from various business sectors have started to use story-telling, semi-flat designs, and customized illustrations to make more subtle than others, but it has been predicted that Website Designing trends for 2017 will ramp up with more designing styles from Web Design Company in Dubai with widespread adoption of grid layouts that enhance UI usability features.

Key Tips for Website Designing Services

Web presence on online world is important to connect people across the globe for running businesses in the most agile format. It not only signifies your business but also gives an opportunity to sh…

Source: Key Tips for Website Designing Services

Key Tips for Website Designing Services

Web presence on online world is important to connect people across the globe for running businesses in the most agile format. It not only signifies your business but also gives an opportunity to showcase your products or services in front of your prospective customer.

Getting Right Suggestion For Your Website Designing Needs

To make your business prospect, you need to go for a long term-goals. Hiring the best web design company in Dubai that matches your expectation criteria always gives you the right path.

Working with Innovative Technologies

In today’s era of website technologies, it has boomed a lot and with new features adding it to the more appealing portal, user-friendly functionalities and responsive allow users not only to connect easily but also to navigate from one page to another without any hassles.

Your goal is set after meeting with the service provider by putting across your specifications and getting to know more additional features that match your business needs well within your budget constraints.

Next step is to provide the detailed requirements to the company for your website. If you are having a logo that inspires your key marketing objectives to acquire more customers, then you will be on the right track. Or if you are looking to change a logo or want to have new logo, then logo designers are always here to assist you in designing the best logos for your company.

Website Design – Templates, Themes, and Colors

Then comes one of the most important aspects of developing a website which is web designing. Highly professional website designers create enticing Web Templates, Themes and Colors based on your inputs.

Developing Phase

Coding the website design is an important task which involves effort, time and dedication. If you are opting for eCommerce driven website then the ongoing website platforms will be WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and more.

Responsive layout design is an ongoing trend which is perfectly designed and developed that fits the screen of different handset devices.

Apps Development is one of the website development services for developing mobile apps such as Android and iOS based platforms.

In addition to these, there are more number of features that keeps your website in place. For instance, social media integration is one of the features where your website gets connected to different social networking sites to boost your presence in the market.

Website Testing

Testing is performed for the websites to check the compatibility issues, bugs, speed of the website, and optimal viewing on different browsers before your website goes live.

Website Marketing

Now your website is completely ready and it needs to get identify in the internet world. But how will you tell the customers about newly launch website or making it visibility? Digital marketing services is a perfect approach for your website promotion dealing with products or services where people identify you by typing keywords in search engines and get connected to your portal.


SEO Services and Maintenance – An Ongoing Process For Business Prospects

Recently we have discussed about the website maintenance in our blog post. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of the most demanding to increase traffic to outreach clients and make sales conversions. It is one of the primary strategies of SEO and Internet Marketing Services Companies.

SEO – Not Short-Term Goal Plan

You may probably satisfy with the result goals showing up in top position on search engine results pages by SEO Company. But, it is just not a one-time achievement, you need to stabilize your rankings so that your competitors do not overtake your business to acquire online crowd.

Always Look for a Long-Term Plan

Most of the SEO Services Companies are making constant effort in approaching desirable results to ensure that your website is updated with new parameters so that it never misses out the new SEO algorithm updates that Google releases.

There are certain benefits in adopting SEO Maintenance to maintain search engine rankings:

  • Keep your website updated with new parameters.
  • Consistently keyword research for building long tail keywords.
  • Stay ahead with your competitors.
  • Leverage your audience by maximizing your reputation.
  • Stabilize SEO rankings on top search engine pages.
  • To add fresh new and contents on a regular basis that maximize exposure on search engine optimization rankings and traffic.
  • A detailed website analyzing, in-depth diagnosis and tracking results to know daily visitors flow from different demographics and regions.

Hence, it is required for every website to update and maintain on a frequent basis to expect more business augmentation for website maintenance. There are highly professionals SEO Experts who can deliver meaningful approach to elevate web traffic for your website. Moreover, SEO maintenance service will be cost-effective format and it will fetch high return on investment (ROI).

Web Development Services – Creating and Maintaining Personality for various Websites

Web development is one of the major tasks of developing websites and hosting live via intranet or internet. The other tasks which are involved in web development process are Web Designing, Web Content Development, Client-Side/Server-Side Scripting, Network Security Configuration and Web Server. Websites are developed based upon the understanding nature of business and customer’s requirements by Top Web Development Companies.

Structuring Website


Most of the businesses across the globe are running with the rich web application development tools for easy functionalities for the portals to navigate easily to multiple desktops, laptops, phone devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads.

Some of the prominent website trends include:

  • User Interface UI
  • Rich Animations
  • Long Scrolling
  • Full Screen Website Design
  • Large Background Images
  • Responsive Web Designs

Website development solutions are offered for various domains like real estate, travel, food, social networking, shopping cart, e-commerce, etc. Each domain requires different technologies with new concepts and coding that captures the attention of the customers.

Focus more on Responsive Website Designs


You might not expect from where your customers are reaching your website, whether from their desktops, laptops or though mobile phones. Web development has become the most prominent tool to meet the daily needs of the people by creating responsive designs. It is a vital tool for you to connect to your potential customers. It is not just about building a website, it is required far more beyond that which benefits both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients where they can easily connect you.

Bottom-line is that for great enticing website designs it requires effective back-end coding for better functionalities and navigation which attracts a lot of customers that builds up your business with exciting website features.

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